My artistic research is focused on the organic element. The concepts of birth and origin are the basis of my works. I investigate the primordial stages of the living world through the analytical study of primordial forms, like the shape of eggs and the structures of the Radiolaria. Starting from research with scientific basis and through a process of synthesis, I try to express the archetypal forms, which are the basis of the organic world.

Art is the element that is born directly from the human feeling. It is closely related to the sentiment and it is born from it. The logic element is always subordinate to the deep feeling of the soul. Art must first make an impression on a level of inner perception. The first thing that you have to feel in front of an Art work is an emotion which, springing from your most intimate part, inevitably connects you to the object that created it. After this initial stage, reason and logic start to prevail and the content of the work comes to the consciousness.
The artist’s aim is to give, through inner emotions, a message. It does not have to be explicit, the viewer should not be invest with a shock at a superficial level, but the artist must work in a way that the message has to arrive at the consciousness through a slow interior rethink. Art in this way achieves its purpose by creating the base for a growing consciousness in the viewer.