Projects for Competitions


Participation at the competition “Windkraft-Kunst-Wettbewerb 2019” with the work “Infinity”.

wax pastels, recycled wood panel, 39cm, 2019

The circle, which gives shape to the work, represents not only the infinite possibilities of wind energy, but also the inexhaustibility of a resource that provides us with infinite energy in harmony with nature. Wind turbines, which stand out only slightly from the blue sky in the background, testify the subtle and light aesthetic that holds the power of the wind.


Finalist at “Zoomaginario, uno zoo parallelo ed impossibile” with the work “Organic Objects”.


Participation at the competition “International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda Francisco Mantecon 2015”.


Participation at the “ARTENATURA” competition in collaboration with Arte Sella with the work “Venere”.


selected for the Price “Premio GhigginiArte” with the work “Judas”.

The photo depicts one of three sculptures which are part of this project, titled: “Judas, Disintegration of Being”, plaster, 43x50x25 cm.


Winner of the Youth Award “Premio Cesare Pavese” with the work “Nostalgia del ritorno”.

Bronze, 20×35 cm