Early Works

“Judas”, plaster, 2013

The main theme I have chosen for this work reflects three aspects of the figure of Judas. I created three busts that respectively represent the false, the ego and the disintegration of being. The idea came from reading Thomas Mann’s “Buddenbrooks” where one of the main characters creates a mask to hide his weaknesses. 

The first bust has a fake smile and empty eyes that show the interior emptiness created by falseness. The second bust portrays the pure ego, with which the character looks down on those in front of him. Feelings of selfishness and falseness lead to the disintegration of the being represented in the third bust.

These psychological aspects that I see embodied in the figure of Judas can be seen as a criticism of our society where the focus too often lies on the external image, causing superficiality to replace a meaning within real content. I believe that, through a process of reflections, art can help the viewer to detect a content – creating a base for growing consciousness.