Develop of an Organic Element

I developed this project in three different works where I tried to express the beginning of the life in the seed. In the first work I built some kind of geometric grid that simultaneously traps and protects the vital core. The inner part is still without a define shape so is too weak if you compare it to the grid.  After the experience of the first work, I tried to better analyze the vital core of the seed.
The grid is always present but it is less stiff and more organic. It is no more fixated and dominant as in the first been, but it seems almost like it is softly lying on the inside part. The curved shape in the inside part, which symbolize life, is moving in order to create a strong contrasts between full and empty.
The third work is a big change within my artistic research. I was looking for a more suitable material which could better express the organic element of my work, because the clay made it look to dead an stiff, so in the end I chose wax. In order not to fall in the extreme abstraction of the second work, this time I looked images of real plants. I focused on the colors, especially their complementary contrasts and how they appear on the surface of plants and flowers. Now what was formerly just a cage structure it become an integral part of the work.  The inside part does not have to break the cage, because in the develop of the organic element the cage merges naturally with the inner part.