Metamorphosis, 320×20 cm, wax pastels, acrylic colors, wood, 2017

Light from above and water from below, the plant is born from the encounter of these two elements. The merge of the yellow light and the blue water generates all the shades of green in which the plant manifests itself.
Each color can be associated with a geometric shape. A shape that we feel naturally connected with a specific color. The ellipse has a round shape, but it has no center like the circle does. Instead, the ellipse has two focal points and that creates an inner movement.
Furthermore, the geometric form of an ellipse is perfect to shape a blue that is not static but contains in itself forms of life. The triangle, on the contrary, is a geometric form that has always been symbolically linked to the spiritual element. It is therefore perfect to create the shape of the yellow light, which with its heat descends into the cold ground, and it gives the seeds the possibility to sprout.
The work is presented to the viewer as a series of shapes in metamorphosis. It gives the chance to observe the continuous motion that connects one form to the other and transforms the ellipse into a triangle.
As soon as the light reaches the water inside the earth, the metamorphosis of the plant begins. When the power of the light starts to increase towards the blue, the perfection of the ellipse is breaking and the geometric shape is beginning to change. In the blue ellipse the environment allows only roots to grow. But already in the second form, where light is starting its action, it can be observed that something starts to sprout. This process, which continues through all the shades of green, changes the form of each piece itself. Starting from the shape of the ellipse and passing through expansion and contraction steps where in different way the leaves appear, the form reaches the shape of the pure yellow triangle. Here the element of water is completely absent, everything is light, therefore no more leaves but only flowers can be found.
The form has a movement which is going through all the drawing that is represented in it. The shapes of the leaves are changing from smooth to sharp. When the element of the water is still predominant, the shapes of the leaves are more rounded. But as soon as the light gets stronger they become sharper. Each form of the leaves is connected with a particular shade of green, that manifests the plant in this particular way.
The color, the form of the single piece, and the shape of the drawing represented in it are inseparable. In this work, therefore, not only the single parts of the plant are in metamorphosis, but also the archetypal shapes and the colors to which these parts are connected.