Sprouting apple seed, 25x18cm, wood, 2022

The project born from my interest into the development of the plant and the seed. This is a recurring theme in my works and for me it is a way to analyze, study and represent the metamorphosis that is expressed in the development of plants.

For this project I analyzed the development of three seeds and their respective plants, the wheat, the bean and the apple tree. I chose bas-relief as an expressive form because it adapts well to tell a story, to express a form that evolves in the various passages.

Wood represents matter and therefore is well suited to represent both the earth that initially surround the seed, and the growing plant. 
In the tiles below, the seed is completely surrounded by the earth. The rounded lines represent those forces that surround the seed in order to protect it and they will open in the moment that the seed begins to germinate. 

As the sprout grows, the surrounding earth is diminishing in order to allow light and air to act on the formation of the plant.

And while the matter is represented by wood, light and air are not represented but they are real. Following the growing steps of the sprout, they gradually acquire more and more importance, arriving to completely model the shapes of the grown sprout.