Origo, variable size, plaster, 2014

This project it is about the concepts of birth and origin. In particular it is about the act of becoming a life form through the process of birth.
I looked, first, at the subject of animals which hatch from eggs. After I studied the structure of the egg, inside which, is always a soft skin, and I started to be interested in the contrast between the soft inside skin and the hard external part of the egg. This contrast is resolved between the geometrical shape of the egg and the folds that occur when the skin is pulled. I studied how turtles hatch from eggs and in the development of the work I found a form of something born which has been so abstracted it no longer resembles a specific animal. The work reveals the struggle of birth, it sits within an installation of broken eggs to recreate a kind of nest.
The installation is in a small room creating an intimacy with the process of birth.